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Your office location will have the following services included as part of your rent. They include heat, water, sewer, exterior lighting, landscaping, and professional management. Since the building is owner occupied for the last 33 years, there is a skilled and responsive management team that understands everything there is to know about this facility.

In addition, as optional services to our tenants, our related company EverTech Corporation is also a long standing tenant. EverTech can provide you with additional business competitive advantage providing you with  highly functional technology services right at your doorstep:

Technology Advantages immediately available:

  • Award wining and experience IT provider with intimate knowledge of facility. Tenant since 1985.
  • High Speed Dual sourced Internet Access filter with advance Firewall & Failover capabilities 
  • Advanced Communication System up to 10 lines with Direct Dial capability
  • Advanced External Call Conferencing
  • Support of Secure Remote Office/Communications
  • Ready for use on arrival
  • Industry leading domain based email services and website hosting
  • Hosted Data Center and full complement of IT services
  • Be more competitive and conserve capital at the same time