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Our location has a lot to offer with a vibrant downtown business community, much of it within walking distance from our facility. All the basic necessities and many amenities are right in the downtown area. There is a diverse selection of area restaurants and numerous food options available for people on the go. In addition there are recreational facilities and parks all within walking distance.

If you want a treat with nature, visit the Watchung Reservation which is noted as a great hiking adventures only a couple of miles away. If you need to go to a shopping center there are many to chose from tclose by.

New Providence is well known as a quality location to reside in and even more so to work. Easy to get to and everything you need is close by. You don't have to sit in traffic either.

This area offers a great environment, conducive to enjoyment as well as a productive lifestyle. Please visit us, it would be our pleasure to guide you and answer any questions.