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Owner Occupied Building

The management of Properties Automated LLC has been involve with this facility since its inception. Although in the beginning we were only a single business condominium unit holder and operated as EverTech Corporation . Two years after that we purchase another unit. Six years after that we purchased the remaining office suites on the first floor. In 2004, we purchased all the suites on the second floor. Thirty three (33) years of occupancy and ownership, for our tenants it Stability & Sustainability.

Managerial Experience

After being here all these years with a hands on approach and being responsible for the management of the facility since the mid 1990's we have a clear understanding of the capabilities and details of this facility. We have a disciplined property management system providing a well maintained facility, timely responsiveness and appropriate capital budget for ongoing improvements and asset optimization.

Additional Services

Our founding and related company EverTech Corporation is an established IT and Telephony services provider with excellent infrastructure within the facility offering differentiated services and competitive advantages to our tenants.


IT Management & Data Services:

  • IT System Support, Security, Upgrades & Management
  • High Speed Multi Sourced Internet Access
  • Comprehensive Security Device for Protection
  • Support of Branch Offices and Remote Computing
  • Application, Web and Email Hosting
  • Onsite and Remote IT Support Services Available


Communications & Telephony Services:

  • VOIP Telephone Services
  • Direct Inward Dial for Staff Members
  • Remote Call Forwarding and Mobile Phone Bridging
  • Advance Call Conferencing Services
  • Office 365 Collaberation
  • Private Network Communications & Video